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Hot/Cold Therapeutic Stone Massage Course

From Saturday 23 October 2021 -  09:00am
To Sunday 24 October 2021 - 05:00pm
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the course

The effectiveness of this technique lies in the use of heat as well as alternating temperature.  As R.M.T.’s we know one of the main functions of massage is to increase circulation in tight tissues.  Massage dilates the blood vessels flushing the tight area with fresh blood flow. Now imagine doing that WHILE holding a hot stone.  The use of heat really speeds blood flow into the tissue, much quicker than our hands alone can accomplish. When the R.M.T. encounters an area that is particularly tight, we can choose to alternate between hot and cold stones to dilate and constrict the vessels.  This acts like a pump bringing in fresh oxygenated blood, mobilizating waste products that were trapped, and then pushing it all back out of the tissue when the constricting cold stone is introduced. We can alternate between hot and cold stones several times if needed. We can choose to end on a hot stone (great for regular muscle tightness) or end on a cold stone ( excellent to control inflammation).  In the matter of a minute or two the tissue just softens and melts under your hands! You will find it surprisingly easy to feel the tissue tension right through the stone. You can use stones for your entire treatment or just the beginning of the treatment allowing them to do most of the hard work for you and therefore saving your hands!

Who wants a cold stone on them during a massage?  

I have developed a technique of using both a hot and cold stone at the same time which is really effective and distracts from the “bite” of the cold stone.  Most patients don’t even notice the cold, but all the fabulous benefits are still there. This is not a spa course/technique. The benefits are extremely therapeutic in nature.


Course Structure and Details:


Accreditation: Approved for 14 CEC’s with the CMT


Small Class Size:  Only 12 students accepted per course, more indiv. attention. Covid safe class sizes of 8 students.


Days/Hours: The course is typically held 9 a.m-5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday


Cost: $420. per student. Includes G.S.T.


Day 1: The first day of the course we cover a full body treatment, broken down into body parts, using only hot stones.  This is essential to allow the therapist to get used to handling the hot stones and administering them in a safe manner.


Day 2: On the second day of the course you will learn how to safely alternate temperatures using both hot and cold stones.  Use of special tools that will save your thumbs will be demonstrated and practiced. We will also cover sinuses as well as discussion of different conditions and pathologies and how to treat them.


Supplies Needed:  I supply the stones you will use during the course.  Below is a small supply list of items you will be required to bring:


-2 flat massage sheets -1 pillow case

-1 or 2 hand towels -1 regular large size pillow

-1 cervical pillow (optional, but handy..)

-1 full bottle of massage oil.  Fractionated coconut is by far the best choice.  



If you wish to purchase a set of 30 stones to use in your practice I can make up a set for you.  If ordered before the course deadline the cost is $100 incl tax, at the time of the course the cost is $125. and there is no guarantee on availability.  


The set includes:

 6 Large leg stones 

10 Medium back and arm stones 2 Special Tools

6 Small cervical stones 6 Cold stones (3 different sizes)


Register Below:  

For additional information or to sign up for a course please contact me, I look forward to sharing this career/body saving technique with you!


Julie Redlin

778-808-1374 (call or text)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Location : Port Coquitlam