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Simply TMJ Online

Saturday 01 October 2022
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Self directed learning: The complete course as it is presented "in-person" workshops. Learn how to assess and treat the TMJ including homecare.

Credits: 2 CMTBC credits

Cost: $225.00

Register online at:

Instructor: Robert Hackwood, RMT


Achieve MEASURABLE and RAPID results easily in a few treatments.

Treat over 27 muscles INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY that influence the way the jaw functions.

Carry out 4 objective measurements of the temporomandibular joint’s range of motion.

Master landmarking and treating over 20 muscles of the scalp, mouth, jaw, tongue and throat.

Influence pain levels and dry mucosa by way of treatment the sphenopalatine ganglion.

Suppress the gag reflex to enable easier treatment within the mouth using temple tapping.

Practice repositioning the mandible and articular disc by active and passive mobilizations.

Design your client/patient homecare from 10 specific interventions including coordination and proprioception re-education, jaw remedial exercises, somatic therapy and self intervention.

 Explain what causes and maintains the clicking in the jaw by a detailed exploration into the functional anatomy or the temporomandibular joints.

Distinguish between a joint and muscular problem with the TMJ.

Identify and treat the dysfunctional side of the jaw.

Describe movement and postural factors that may be causing or contributing to your client/patient’s TMJ problems.

Recognise the causes of TMJ disorders and how other disorders can mimic and/or overlap TMJ problems.

Stretch your comfort level to include intra-oral treatments by increasing your confidence.

Remove doubt when talking to clients/patients about what is happening to their jaw when you understand yourself.

Less fear of people gagging or doing something wrong when working inside a mouth.

Pleasure of understanding what is going on and what to do about it with increased comprehension of the structure and function of the TMJ.

Realize the gratifying feeling of a client/patient having confidence that you can help them with their pain and dysfunctional TMJ.

Appreciate you are offering a treatment that goes beyond other therapist’s skill levels that can increase your referral rates.


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